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This year, we’ve reformed the Index to focus on unhoused youth and young adults (YYA), aligning it with their experiences and policy needs. Shifting from harm reduction to transformative change, some jurisdictions may see lower scores than before. This is a deliberate strategy, not a setback. Lower scores should motivate, not discourage, jurisdictions. They present an opportunity to adopt policies that effectively tackle and prevent youth homelessness, fostering meaningful progress.

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  • Anti-oppressive
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Key Metric Score Type of Policy Description
2.0 Transformative High Score
1.5 Transformative Edge Medium Score
1.0 Reform Fair Score
0.5 Harm Reduction Low Score
0.0 Status Quo Status Quo
-0.5 Harmful Negative Score
-1.0 Violent Negative Score
N/A No Data No Data
5 Test Test

Cite: National Homelessness Law Center and True Colors United. "State Index on Youth Homelessness, Template for Inner Map Pages" Accessed: April 16, 2024.

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These maps are provided as legal information only and should not be used as legal advice for your specific situation. If you need help with any of the issues described on this website, please check out the Homeless Youth Legal Network (HYLN) directory OR email or call HYLN for help finding a referral to a lawyer.